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Roy Jones Jr, on a run of three losses in five fights, recently said that he wants to capture a cruiserweight world title before he retires. Jones Jr's team say it has given the star a new sense of purpose, and that he is looking as motivated as ever in training. If you have followed Jones Jr's career you will know this is the one belt that alluded him, and if he won one he could end his career on a high. The question is, can he beat any of the current cruiserweight champions?

There's absolutely no question of him beating Yoan Pablo Hernandez, let's get that clear straight away. Roy Jones Jr is on the decline as a fighter, and if Steve Cunningham, a younger, more-in-his-peak boxer couldn't beat Hernandez, then Jones Jr can't. Similarly, WBO champion Marco Huck is too much for Jones, and it is not a fight he should try and make.

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk is a marginally better prospect for Jones Jr because Wlodarczyk only has one great win on his record, a decision victory over Steve Cunnigham, and to be honest a lot of us thought Cunningham really won that one. Still, Wlodarczyk recently beat Danny Green and looks to be in good shape. He's a tough choice.

The most likely prospect for Jones Jr to win a title from is forty-year old Guillermo Jones, the WBA champion who won his belt in a case of right-place right-time, and who is closer to Jones Jr's age. Years back, Roy would have wiped the floor with him, and I think he could take his title off him now.

Guillermo has a fight next month against Joell Godfrey, which leaves Jones Jr time to get another win under his belt before they meet. Providing he doesn't lose again, I think we'll see Roy Jones Jr vs Guillermo Jones in September/October this year.