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Last night Saul Alvarez won by unanimous decision, but Mosley's performance allowed him to bow out in style.

Before Alvarez vs Mosley, a lot of us were worried about the forty-year old, five-time world champion. Sure, he used to be one of the pound-for-pound greats, and his hand speed rivalled that of the quickest ping-pong master, but the kid he was fighting was special. Last night, Alvarez walked into the ring 39-0-1and was touted as one of the best young boxers in the world.

I say "was touted" because he's not being touted any more - there can be no doubt now that Saul Alvarez is one of boxing’s greatest talents at the minute. He's a world champion and has already won forty fights without loss, and the only way is up for the Mexican. He was told that his fight last night was an audition for Mayweather; on inspection, I don't think there are many others competing with him for the spot.

For Mosley though, retirement beckons. Before the fight vs Alvarez he was keen to tell us to stop asking him when he will bow out of the sport. He wants us to quit questioning when his last fight will be, and just let him get on with his thing. In reality, last night will be his last at world level. He gave a spirited performance, one that many didn't think he had left in him. It was the perfect one to bow out on.

As for the fight, Mosley pressured Alvarez for the full twelve rounds but he wasn't able to deal the youngster any real damage. Alvarez was stuck in first gear, probably due to a cut above his eye resulting from an accidental headbutt, but when he did choose to open up, he was able to land power shots on Mosley's face. There were a few points where I thought the forty-year old was going to down, but he did himself a lot of credit by staying on his feet for the full thirty-six minutes.