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You probably read that another high-profile fight has been called off because of a failed drug test. Early last week the news broke that Andre Berto tested positive for Nandrolone, a banned substance that helps with muscle growth, red blood cell count and bone density. This means that the much-anticipated Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto rematch is cancelled.

I'm not going to get into moral judgements on this. Plenty of people have written good articles on how bad the situation is, and about how angry they are. In this post I'll try and keep things positive and look at who Victor Ortiz can fight next.

Here are are candidates:

1) Breidis Prescott
Prescott's record of two losses in his last five fights doesn't look good, but all is not as it seems. For one, a lot of fans think that Prescott beat Paul McCloskey last year, and that he was on the wrong end of a hometown decision. I agree. His second loss immediately after was against Mike Alvarado, a fight he was winning until the final round, where Alvarado pulled a knockout from his ass.

Prescott is a good candidate. For one, he is willing to fight. He is exciting. Ortiz-Berto was expected to be a slugfest, and Prescott would oblige that. He is also willing to take the match, as witnessed when he spoke to Boxingscene.com:
"I'm ready and willing to step in and face Ortiz."

2) Marcos Maidana
Maidana is another warrior, and he is a world-class name. He's coming off a unanimous decision loss to Devon Alexander, but before that he beat Petr Petrov and Erik Morales as well as going down swinging against Amir Khan. His recent record isn't too shabby.

Maidana has also said he is willing to fight Ortiz, but he can't do it with four weeks notice; Marcos would need a new date to be set, and although fans will be upset with this, it might be the best thing in the long run.

3) Amir Khan
Now this is a fight fans would love to see. Two young fighters who are extremely talented, and have both been on the wrong end of an opponent failing a drugs test. Khan has said lots of times that welterweight, and Floyd Mayweather, is his ultimate goal, and Ortiz would certainly be a good test in that division.

I always like to make predictions in posts like this and I usually get a strong gut feeling on what to say, but for this one I'm not so sure. I'm going to go with Breidis Prescott as Ortiz's next opponent for two reasons: 1) Ortiz has shown that he is scared of Maidana, and 2) Prescott is the most beatable of the three fighters.

What do you think?