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On May 5th Floyd Mayweather convincingly beat Miguel Cotto in a fight that, despite the great job done building it up, looked pretty straight forward for the undefeated champion. The official scores were 117-111 (x2) and 118-111 in Mayweather's favour, but the boxing matchmakers must think it was closer than that because they think we need a Mayweather vs Cotto redux.

Goldenboy chief Richard Schaefer recently said that there has been some demand for a Mayweather - Cotto rematch, and apparently it could happen in the fall. Even if Mayweather were willing, and money will play a big part in that, Cotto himself hasn't decided what to do. He may even go for a Pacquiao rematch instead.

Is it really necessary to watch Miguel get back in the ring with Floyd? I'll be honest, the 24/7 TV series on both fighters was nearly more entertaining than the fight itself, because to me it looked routine for Mayweather. If you think I'm wrong about this, tell me. I just don't see how we need to see that particular fight again, because it is doubtful that Cotto has come up with Floyd's ultimate weakness since losing to him and now. Cotto would be best moving on to another fight, and Pacquiao would be a good move for him commercially.