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Carl Froch spilt coffee over Lucian Bute's fight record with a five-round demolition job, and Bute now finds himself with a tough career choice. While Bute waits for his record book to dry out, let's see who the ex-IBF champion could fight next.

Andre Ward The plan was always for Bute to beat Froch, then move on to a big-money, three-belt mega fight with Andre Ward. It was hoped that Bute's profile would have been boosted enough to please King Ward, who said that Bute needed to improve his CV before he would fight him. Despite that Bute's stock looks markedly worse now, maybe he will still lobby for a fight with Andre.

Froch Rematch The biggest fight that we can say is definitely open to him is a rematch with Carl Froch. Bute had a clause in their contract that said that if Froch won, then Bute could demand a rematch in Canada. This would be big for him because he can have a money fight in front of his home fans, and maybe even get his revenge. Okay, the revenge part is unlikely, but he could at least get back some respect by putting in a better performance. Despite the benefits though, I think Bute will avoid a rematch with Froch like a kiss from grandma.

Move up to light heavyweight and take on the Jean Pascal-Tavoris Cloud Winner He might have lost one IBF title but Bute could always pack up and move to light heavyweight, where Jean Pascal and Tavoris Cloud fight for another in August. As well as the chance of a world title fight with a big name, moving up in weight could help Bute with his punch resistance. It worked for Amir Khan.

 A confidence building fight with Allan Green or Arthur Abraham The number one commodity Bute needs right now is confidence. You could see in his face in the Froch-fight that he didn't know what hit him, and he'd never been in the ring with a finisher like Carl before. Bute needs a fight that is challenging but is also made for him. I think he could beat Allan Green or Arthur Abraham, and they are big enough names to make the fights worthwhile.

Of all the options, I think Bute will take a fight with Allan Green.