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Following his loss to Saul Alvarez, will Shane Mosley call it a day?

We all know that Shane Mosley is a ring legend. He's a five-time world champion, he's won forty six fights and he has faced every world class boxer of the past decade. His ring legacy is already assured, and has been for years now, but Mosley is still hungry for boxing glory.

Last night though, everything unravelled. Mosley faced Saul Alvarez in a fight regarded as a last chance for him, the last break he was ever going to get at world-level. After twelve hard fought rounds Mosley walked away with a loss, but he can do so knowing that he gave it his best. There's one problem though; will knowing this be enough for Shane? Can he now walk into retirement?

I watched the fight on Boxnation, and afterwards the Liverpudlian boxer Paul Smith echoed what I was thinking. He said that he hopes he doesn't see Shane Mosley fight again. That's not because he was completely outclassed or anything like that, but it's because there's a danger that, at some point, he might be. Nobody wants to see that. We especially don't want to see the ring legends get knocked out wither, and last night he came close.

Before the fight, Mosley made a point to tell us to stop asking him when he will retire. He didn't want to hear about quitting the sport, because he felt his career was very much alive. I agree with Shane in that we shouldn't have been mentioning retirement to a fighter gearing up for a world title match - he had enough to worry about without doubt being put in his head. Following his defeat though, even Mosley must recognise retirement as the most likely move for him.

He wouldn't commit to an answer last night. I'm guessing he has many hours of soul searching ahead of him before he can come up with answer to that question. Will Shane Mosley retire? I think so.