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Boxing News: #1 Super Middleweight Andre Ward would welcome a second fight with Carl Froch

Their last fight was a pretty one-sided affair, with Andre Ward out-boxing Carl Froch in such a way that it didn't look like a world title fight, more like a champion showing off his moves to an outside contender. The scorecards were balanced closer than that though; if Froch won just one more round, it would have been a draw.

That fact is what Froch fans cling to when they say that Froch-Ward II is a fight worth making. Of course, Froch recently bolstered his reputation with a devastating win over Lucian Bute, and that had even more people speculating on Froch vs Ward II.

Now Ward himself has spoken out. He says he is excited an the prospect of a second fight with Carl, but he has yet to receive an offer. Thisisnottingham.co.uk report him saying:

"I'm ready and willing to do a re-match any time, any place. I would love to fight Carl Froch totally healthy."
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