If you're looking to get in shape like a boxer or you're just looking for some boxing workouts to add to your own routine then you're at the right place. You can also find plenty of drills, techniques and tips to help you exercise like a champ.

It's time to find out how you did in this weeks boxing prediction league. First, here are the results from this weekends action:

1) Billy Joe Saunders (UD) vs Bradley Pryce 
2) Antonio Tarver vs Lateef Kayode  (DRAW)
3) Austin Trout (UD) vs Delvin Rodriguez 
4) Ronald 'Winky' Wright vs Peter 'Kid Chocolate' Quillan (UD)
5) Beibut Schumenov (UD)  vs Enrique Ornelas
Last week, the leaders were roxy_digeo (10) and @TheLadHimself. Will they stay on top this week? You're about to find out. It was an exciting week, with some newcomers getting respectable scores and things getting competitive at the top of the league.

Without further ado, here's this weeks league table.

roxy_diego 16
@TheLadHimself 16
andymol 16
Davor 16
wallworkjake 13
Dan2012 13
philwhelan 10
willster02 9
DrZoidberg 8
 @BigPoppaCope 8
Dunne 7
Adam clark 7
Trigger 7
@superstarste 6
Bruce_Forsythe 6
Garyrasputin 5
Johnbhoy 5
Sharon – Boxing 101 2
JohnyT 2