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After a strange weekend in boxing, it's time to find out how everyone did in this weeks prediction league. Before you look at the table, here are the results from the weekends action:

1) Curtis Woodhouse Vs Dale Miles (KO)
2) Kelly Pavlik (KO) Vs Scott Sigmon
3) Guillermo Rigondeaux (KO) Vs Teon Kennedy
4) Mike Jones Vs Randall Bailey (KO)
5) Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley (SD)

After week 2, the leaders in the table were roxy_digeo(16), @TheLadHimself, andymol, SWALKS and Davor, but will they stay on top after week 3? Let's take a look. It was an exciting weekend with some good fights, but it was also a very controversial boxing weekend with one very questionable decision.

Here's the League table after Week 3.

@TheLadHimself 23
Davor 23
andymol 22
roxy_diego 21
wallworkjake 21
Dan2012 20
willster02 16
philwhelan 14
Johnbhoy 12
@superstarste 11
JohnyT 10
DrZoidberg 8
 @BigPoppaCope 8
david shaw 8
Dunne 7
Adam clark 7
Trigger 7
antonio8904 7
@Robbie1601 7
Bruce_Forsythe 6
pacman_fan1 6
Garyrasputin 5
doug.ie 5
Luke Cowham 4
Jamie Boxing 4
Sharon – Boxing 101 2
jimthepimpdaddy 2
Boxing_1 0