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It's time for week 4 of our Boxing Prediction League, we have another five excellent fights for you to predict. I'd say four of the five fights are 50/50 fights, three of those fights feature British fighters. All five of the fights are on Saturday, so that means you have an extra day to think about your predictions.

The competition is only three weeks old, so if you join now you won't be far behind on the League Table, a few lucky guesses should sort you out. Here is the League table after Week 3.

On this Saturday night in the UK, there is a big domestic fight between Scott Quigg and Rendall Munroe, that fight will be on the fixtures list, as well as Ryan Rhodes's fight with Sergey Rabchenko and the Heavyweight clash between Richard Towers and Gregory Tony.

The two remaining fights on the fixtures list will be in America, one is a cross-roads fight between Tomasz Adamek and Eddie Chambers, and the other is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's title defence against Andy Lee.

In my opinion, all of these fights, besides the Towers/Tony fight, are 50/50 fights. The two fights I'm looking forward to the most are Scott Quigg Vs Rendall Munroe and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Vs Andy Lee.

1) Richard Towers Vs Gregory Tony
2) Ryan Rhodes Vs Sergey Rabchenko
3) Scott Quigg Vs Rendall Munroe
4) Eddie Chambers Vs Tomasz Adamek
5) Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Vs Andy Lee

Sample Prediction
1) Towers UD
2) Rabchenko KO
3) Quigg MD
4) Adamek.Chambers DRAW
5) Chavez Jr SD

KO = knockout, UD = unanimous decision, MD = majority decision, SD = split decision.

To enter the Prediction League, just leave a comment below, if you want to read the rules, go here. Thanks for Playing! Good luck!