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It's time for week 5 of our Boxing Prediction League, we have five fights for you to predict, some are easier to call than others. All five of the fights will take place in America.

The competition is only five weeks old, so if you join now you won't be far behind on the League Table, a few good predictions should sort you out. Here is the League Table after Week 4.

Mike Dallas Jr will fight Javier Castro on ESPN's 'Friday Night Fights', the bout is scheduled for ten rounds in the Light Welterweight division.

On Saturday night there is some Heavyweight action between Deontay Wilder and Owen Beck, both of whom have high knock-out ratio's, this makes it an interesting fight to predict.

Former World Champion Rico Ramos will fight unbeaten Efrain Esquivias in a 10 round contest in the Super Bantamweight division. Will Ramos get back to winning ways after losing his title to Guillermo Rigondeaux?

The two remaining fixtures are Victor Ortiz Vs Josesito Lopez, and Lucas Matthysse Vs Humberto Soto. Matthysse/Soto is a 'Fight Of The Year' contender, and any fight involving Victor Ortiz is an intriguing one.

1) Mike Dallas Jr Vs Javier Castro 
2) Deontay Wilder Vs Owen Beck
3) Rico Ramos Vs Efrain Esquivias
4) Humberto Soto Vs Lucas Matthysse
5) Victor Ortiz Vs Josesito Lopez

Sample Prediction
1) Dallas Jr KO
2) Beck UD
3) Ramos KO
4) Matthysse SD
5) Lopez MD

KO = knock-out, UD = unanimous decision, MD = majority decision, SD = split decision.

To enter the Prediction League, just leave a comment below, if you want to read the rules, go here. Thanks for taking part! Good luck!