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Boxing News: JMM will be watching Pac-Bradley, and we all know the reason for that.

Juan Manuel Marquez has already fought Manny Pacquiao three times, the last being a unanimous decision loss last year that a lot of people, me included, think he won. Despite that, Marquez is desperate to fight Pacquiao again, and he will be at ringside tonight eagerly watching the outcome.

If Pacquaio beats Bradley tonight, a rematch with Marquez would be good for him. He would get a hell of a lot of money, as well as getting the chance to exercise a demon and prove to boxing fans that he can still be JMM. It makes sense at a business standpoint, but I'm not sure I actually wants to see the fight. We've seen it three times already, and there's not much more we can learn from watching another sequel.

What do you think? Would you like to the Pac fight Marquez next?