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....Yeah, right.

Ahead of his bout with Timothy Bradley, which is one that Manny should not look past, the P4P #2 has acknowledged that the fight the world wants to see is him vs Floyd Mayweather. It is rare that you can get the PacMan to actually talk about it, but he understands how big the fight would be, and how many people want it. He told the Guardian:

"That's what the fans want to see and even my kids request me to fight him before I retire."
The problem here is that last time out, a win over Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao didn't look so good. He is going to have to get back to his best to beat the undefeated Timothy Bradley, and Freddie Roach has recently said that if Pacquiao looks bad, he will ask him to retire. Quite frankly, if Pacquiao look bad against Bradley, I don't want to see him fight Mayweather. I'd rather see Timothy Bradley vs Floyd Mayweather in that case.