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Can I apologize to my family friends and everyone. I got caught with a shot and I know millions of u are upset but that's boxing for u 
- Amir Khan on Twitter at 6AM today

You probably watched as Amir Khan lost his WBA world title last night with a fourth round loss to Danny Garcia. Before the fight, Garcia was an unbeaten world champion with a mouthy dad and an unproven reputation. Now he is a legitimate world-class fighter with a future brighter than a bootleg firework exploding on a suburb at midnight. There will be no shortage of fights open to Garcia, and at some point in the future I’ll talk about them. For now though, I want to talk about Amir Khan.

After last nights loss Khan faces a difficult journey back to the top. Twelve months ago, after beating Zab Judah into submission, Khan looked to be nearing the top of the hill, getting closer to golden ticket of a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Just a year on, Khan has rolled to the bottom of that hill and he is going to have to prepare himself for a difficult climb. About Khan's future, I am confident of three things:

1) Amir Khan will fight again

2) He needs to lower his sights

3) His next fight will be in England

Point 1 is probably easy for you to believe. Amir loves boxing and his pride won't let him walk away from it without proving himself again. He has always wanted to be at the top of the sport, and leaving on a loss is not the legacy he wants to leave behind. He will need to book another fight and get himself a win.

This leads us onto 2 - the idea that Khan will need to lower his sights. Ever since he joined up with Freddie Roach, Khan has always been looking up at those ahead of him and putting a marker on their heads. Lately, this has meant Floyd Mayweather, a man Khan has always wanted to fight. After his latest loss though, Khan will need to stop straining his neck by staring at Mayweather, and take a look at the fighters around him.

Mayweather is just a dream for Khan now. If I was to draw up a shortlist of fighters who could face Floyd in the next 12 months Amir wouldn't make the top five. Floyd Mayweather Sr seems to agree. He said:
"Amir Khan should get Arrested for even mentioning fighting my son."

I'm not sure how Amir's desire to fight Floyd is a criminal defence, and I think the fact his son is actually locked up in Clark County Detention Centre makes old man Mayweather's comment slightly ridiculous. The ultimate truth behind it is sensible though; that a Khan - Mayweather fight looks ridiculous at this point.

So if we accept that Amir will fight again and that it will not be against Floyd Mayweather, we need to think about who he could fight, and where. The 'where' is easy for me. Amir's last three fights have been in the US, and two of them were losses. The boy needs to come home and get a win in his own country. Just look at the wonders a home support did for Carl Froch - he battered Lucian Bute in front of thousands of adoring fans, and he looked like a completely new fighter.

The 'who' is trickier. Khan needs to look for a lower level opponent for his next fight. I'm not talking about setting him up with a feather-fisted walrus, because that wouldn't do him any good. He needs a tricky fight, but one that isn't as dangerous as home-made meth like Garcia was. Khan needs to leave the Jr welterweight division behind him now and take a look at 147, because there's a perfect fight waiting for him there. I'm talking about a rising star, British, popular and a talented fighter. Someone beatable, but still difficult, and against whom a win would be very respectable.

That man is Kell Brook. Brook is unbeaten at 147 and is getting more popular by the hour. He has undeniable talent and seem sure to get a world title shot in the near future. He has also called out Amir Khan on a number of occasions.  He is beatable, however. We saw that recently when he struggled to a points win over Carson Jones in a fight which he was lucky to survive. Brook was a sure favourite against Jones, yet he was pushed to his limits and wasn't far from losing.

I'm going to make an early guess and say that Amir Khan fights Kell Brook next at either the Etihad Stadium or at Wembley.