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After an entertaining weekend in boxing, let's take a look at how everyone is doing in the League Table for our Boxing Prediction League. But first, here are the results from this weekend.

1) Ismael El Massoudi Vs Diego Gabriel Chaves (KO)
2) Juan Carlos Burgos (KO) Vs Cesar Vasquez
3) Johan Perez Vs Pablo Cesar Cano (TD)
4) Adrien Broner (KO) Vs Vicente Escobedo
5) Keith Thurman (KO) Vs Orlando Lora

After week 8, davor remained in first place for the third week running, will someone else take over first place this week? Let's find out. All but one of the fights on the fixtures list ended by KO. Adrien Broner and Keith Thurman both looked very dominant in their performances.


Dan2012 71
davor 70
andymol 68
TheLadHimself 67
wallworkjake 67
philwhelan 60
Robbie1601 59
roxy_diego 53
pacman_fan1 52
willster02 46
JohnyT 43
jimthepimpdaddy 39
Gordon 37
Sharon-Boxing 101 36
Trigger 35
david shaw 30
Johnbhoy 21
BoxingOpinions1 18
superstarste 11
doug.ie 11
Jimmy2Spoons 11
PhilLindsay 10
PityTheFool10 9
DrZoidberg 8
BigPoppaCope 8
Dempo7981 7
Matt 7
antonio8904 7
Adam clark 7
Dunne 7
Bruce_Forsythe 6
danny moore 6
Garyrasputin 5
Theverdictis 5
SolidSnape 5
Luke Cowham 4
Jamie Boxing 4
Boxing_1 0