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After the second week of our Boxing Prediction League, it's time to take a look at the league table. But first take a look at the results from the past weekend.

1) Arthur Abraham (UD) Vs Robert Stieglitz
2) Robin Krasniqi (KO) Vs Serdar Sahin
3) Jack Culcay (KO) Vs Frederic Serre

The only upset this past weekend was Robin Krasniqi's knock-out win over then unbeaten, Serdar Sahin. Unbeaten Jack Culcay got the expected knock-out win, and he looked good in doing so. Abraham fought Stieglitz to a deserved unanimous decision win. This was one of Abraham's better performances for the past few years.


Dan2012 17
Wallworkjake 15
Robbie1601 14
JohnyT 14
Jimthepimpdaddy 13
Boxing101 12
Philwhelan 11
Superstarste 10
Gordon 10
JamieBoxing29 7
david shaw 7
BoxingOpinions 6
Pacman_fan1 4
999shaun 3
Herr Pigdog 2