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After 10 weeks of predicting fights this year, it's time to take a look at the League Table for our Boxing Prediction League for the final time this season. Before we do that, take a look at the results.

1) George Groves (KO) Vs Francisco Sierra
2) Robert Guerrero (UD) Vs Selcuk Aydin
3) Shawn Porter (UD) Vs Alfonso Gomez
4) Henry Lundy Vs Raymundo Beltran (MD)
5) Orlando Salido (KO) Vs Moises Gutierrez

After week 9, Dan2012 took over first place for the first time this season, will he remain in first place and win the prediction league? Let's find out. The only upset last weekend was Raymundo Beltran's majority decision win over Henry Lundy. Groves, Guerrero and Porter all put on impressive performances.


davor 78
Dan2012 77
wallworkjake 75
andymol 74
TheLadHimself 74
Robbie1601 69
philwhelan 68
pacman_fan1 62
willster02 58
roxy_diego 54
JohnyT 48
Trigger 47
jimthepimpdaddy 42
david shaw 38
Gordon 37
Sharon-Boxing 101 36
BoxingOpinions1 23
Johnbhoy 21
Jimmy2Spoons 19
superstarste 15
doug.ie 11
PhilLindsay 10
PityTheFool10 9
DrZoidberg 8
BigPoppaCope 8
Pharaoh 8
Dempo7981 7
Matt 7
antonio8904 7
Adam clark 7
Dunne 7
Bruce_Forsythe 6
danny moore 6
Garyrasputin 5
Theverdictis 5
SolidSnape 5
Luke Cowham 4
Jamie Boxing 4
Boxing_1 0

Well done to Davor for coming in first place. We'd like to thank everyone who made predictions this season, the new season will probably start again on the 17th of August, Adonis Stevenson, Don George, Carlos Molina and Breidis Prescott all fight that weekend.

Finally, if you have any suggestions on how you think the prediction league can improve in the new season, leave a comment below with your suggestion.