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Mack isn't as bad as people think

Earlier today, it was announced that IBF Super Middleweight Champion, Carl Froch, will make the first defence of his title against Yusaf Mack. This match-up has received a LOT of negative feedback from fans, which is understandable, but this fight COULD be very good.

The reason I say could, is because I'm not sure if Mack will be 100% fit on fight night. He has fought as a Light Heavyweight for four years, and now he is dropping down in weight. But, if the Yusaf Mack who fought Librado Andrade turns up, this fight will be very interesting.

I know Mack got stopped by Andrade, but watch the early rounds of that fight before you judge Mack's performance. In the very first round, Mack dropped Andrade, and it was a heavy knock-down. Andrade is a guy who is blessed with an iron chin, Kessler couldn't drop him in twelve rounds, Bute hit him with everything and only scored a flash knock-down in the first fight. Dropping Andrade shows you that Mack has a big punch.

Mack not only showed power in that fight, but a lot of speed and the ability to counter-punch effectively. Mack was stopped in the seventh round, but Andrade was running out of gas at that point.

If prime Mack shows up, I think he has the potential to do some early damage. Froch doesn't have good movement and has a problem with fast counter-punchers.

But if a dead-at-the-weight Mack shows up, I think he will be competitive for the first four rounds, then I see him getting stopped in the middle/to late rounds.

This fight could be very entertaining. Mack likes to box and brawl, Froch does also, both have a big punch, what's to complain about?