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Dereck Chisora deserves a good couple of months relaxing outside of the ring, he has had two tough twelve round fights, and one brutal knock-out loss in the space of eight months. But as soon as he is ready to make his return to the ring, he should fight another top ten Heavyweight.

I know a lot of you think he should have some 'easy' fights to get some wins on his record, but what's the point? Which of these wins is more significant to Chisora's career, a few easy wins over journeymen, or a win in a tough fight against Robert Helenius? A win over Helenius would get him another big fight.

Plus Chisora can't afford to waste time fighting low level opponents. He hasn't got the style for a long career. He fights in an aggressive manner with lot's of head movement. What do Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier and Jack Dempsey all have in common? Short primes. Chisora's prime might be coming to an end, he should spend what he has left of his prime fighting meaningful opponents. Not wasting it fighting lower tier opponents just so he has one or two more wins on his record.

I agree with some of you on this next point, if he loses to Helenius, especially if he loses by knock-out, his career at world level is basically over. But as I said earlier, a win would earn him another world title fight. There's a huge reward in beating Helenius or Fury. Also, Chisora has already proven he can AT LEAST have a very competitive fight with Helenius, whose to say he won't win a rematch?

Finally, Chisora is a big name in the UK right now, his management team should strike while the iron is hot, he is still very well known for the Haye situation, a lot of people would watch Chisora's next fight if he is against a meaningful opponent. I think if Chisora spends the next few months fighting journeymen, a) not a lot of non-hardcore fans would watch, and b) the public will start to forget who Chisora is.

Helenius is coming off a long lay-off, he might see a rematch with Chisora as an easy comeback fight, plus the first fight was one of the best Heavyweight fights of the year, the rematch could happen.

What do you think? Should Chisora face low ranked Heavyweight's to get some wins under his belt? Or should he fight a top ten Heavyweight?