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'The baddest man on the planet' Vs 'Dr Steel-hammer', who wins?

The first 'fantasy fight' post we did was Tommy Hearns Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr, judging by the poll and the comments on the post, most people think Hearns would beat Mayweather Jr. Here is a another 'fantasy fight' we find very intriguing, how would a 'dream' match-up between Mike Tyson and Wladimir Klitschko go?

I'll give my opinion, and the opinion of a few boxing fans I talked to on Twitter, but first, check out these stats.

Mike Tyson Wladimir Klitschko
Height 5'10 6'6
Reach 71" 81"
Weight (prime) 215 242
Record 50-6 44KO)  58-3 51KO 
Big Wins Michael Spinks, Larry Holmes  David Haye, Sultan Ibragimov 
Titles Won WBC (2), WBA (2) IBF  IBF, WBO (2), WBA 
Best Asset Power, head movement, intimidation  Jab, concentration, power 
Flaws Stamina, short prime Chin, level of competition
underestimated opponents  inside fighting 
Notable Losses Evander Holyfield (2) Lamon Brewster
Lennox Lewis Corrie Sanders

Looking at the stats, Wladimir has a big physical edge over Tyson, but Tyson has the advantage mentally. Tyson also fought in the better era, this reflects in his big wins, and losses.

My Prediction

Personally, I go with Tyson by knock-out, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is intimidation, Tyson is well known for winning most of his fights, before the first bell rang. I don't think Wladimir is mentally weak, but I just get the feeling that he would be intimidated by Tyson's ferociousness.

The second reason is styles, Wladimir is a big guy, but he can't fight on the inside, and Wladimir has a habit of being hesitant and not letting his big shots go, this is the wrong thing to do when fighting Mike Tyson. Tyson wouldn't give Wladimir time to relax whilst throwing his jab, in my opinion Tyson would get past Wladimir's long reach with his peek-a-boo defence, and score a TKO victory by landing powers punchers to the head and body.

That's just my opinion though, people have different opinions, and evidence of this is in some of the Tweets I received regarding this fight.

What the fans think
Clinton McCutcheon: "Wladimir... unfortunately he would be to tall, rangey and cagey. That was tough saying that!" Clinton is a Tyson fan, but isn't being biased in his opinion.

Gareth Emery: "These stand up guys were made for Tyson to chop down or get inside with the uppercut 5 round KO for Tyson." Gareth even gave a round prediction.

Joe 'The Future' Hanks: "Tyson!! To much head movement, and power!!" Heavyweight prospect Joe Hanks backed his fellow American Heavyweight to win.

Phil Whelan: "Tyson at 19-21 win by KO, I do like Klitschko but with a prime Tyson couldn't see him stay standing." Phil thinks Tyson would need to be at his very best to beat Wladimir.

Clayton Jones: "Tyson. No question. Very few fighters could live with his speed, ferocity, & power in his (albeit brief) prime. KO2." Clayton rates Tyson as one of the best.

Paul J: "Not convinced Tyson would handle W.Klitschko." He then goes on to say "Klitschko looks to have a psychological edge. Would be a great match but my money would be on Klitschko." Paul would even put money on a Wladimir win.

If you haven't already done so, I would love to hear your opinion on the fight. Leave a comment below this post with who you think would win this fight and why. If you want, you can vote on the poll to the right of the screen.

Thanks to those who Tweeted their thoughts.

Mike Tyson Vs Wladimir Klitschko, who would you pick to win?

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