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Shane Mosley Vs Juan Manuel Marquez, in the Lightweight division, who wins?

                                                Image from Cyber Boxing Zone

The third and final Fantasy fight for this season, is a fight between two of the best fighters in Lightweight history, Shane Mosley Vs Juan Manuel Marquez. Both of them are more well known for their achievements in other weight-divisions, but let's take a look at them at their best, in the 135 IBS weight-class.

Mosley started off as a Lightweight, he eventually won titles at Junior Middleweight, but we saw the best of prime Mosley in his Lightweight days. Mosley was a Lightweight for his first six years as a professional, in that time he had won his first world title, and successfully defended it eight times.

He hasn't beat many ATG Lightweights, but he has some very good wins over guys who were world class at that time.

Marquez started off as a Featherweight, but he made a move to Lightweight fifteen years into his career. He has fought a total of four times as a Lightweight, and like Mosley, he has never been beaten at that weight. Marquez hasn't beaten any legendary fighters at Lightweight, but all of his opponents were world champions.

Just like in the previous two fantasy fights post, we have done some statistics you should take a look at.

Juan Manuel Marquez Shane Mosley
Height 5'7 5'8 1/2
Reach 67" 71"
Weight 135 IBS 135IBS
Record 4-0 3KO 29-0 27 KO
Big wins Juan Diaz, Michael Katsidis Phillip Holiday, Jessie James Leija
Titles won WBO, WBA IBF
Best asset Powers of recovery, counter punching Speed, power
Flaws Slow Starter Defence
Notable Losses None None

The Height and reach stats are almost even for these two, Mosley has spent more time fighting as a Lightweight, but Marquez has held more titles. Both of them are undefeated as a Lightweight, this would make a fight between the two more interesting.

My Prediction

I'm surprised a fight between these two has never been made, but if they were to fight in their Lightweight primes, I'd pick Mosley to win by early knock-out. For a number of reasons, Mosley is a fast stater, he has a lot of early KO's, and as I've mentioned in the stats, Marquez is a slow starter. This gives Mosley a very good shot at an early KO in my opinion.

Not only that, but Marquez was buzzed early in his first fight against Juan Diaz, who isn't a big puncher. Marquez was also down and hurt early against Michael Katsidis. There's no doubt in my mind that in terms of speed and power, Mosley is a level up from Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis. I think Mosley's best chance to beat Marquez would be to catch him early, and I think that's exactly what he would do.

That's not to say Marquez wouldn't have a chance though, look what happened after Marquez survived the early rounds of his fights with Katsidis and Diaz, he dominated. If Marquez can get past the first half of the fight, without being stopped, or badly damaged, I think he beat's Mosley by decision.

However I think Mosley would be good enough to get Marquez out of their early.

Outcomes you can rule out: In my opinion, this fight can go one of two ways, either Mosley stops Marquez, or Marquez wins a decision. I can't see Shane Mosley being knocked-out, it's not impossible, but Mosley has got one of the best chin's in boxing history, and Marquez hasn't got one-punch KO power.

I also can't see Mosley out-boxing Marquez and winning a decision. He might be able to win some rounds due to hurting Marquez, but if the fight goes the full twelve rounds, I'd expect Marquez to win the majority of them.

Image from HBO

Your Predictions

Earlier in the week, I Tweeted asking for your opinions on this fight, here is what you all had to say:

Chris Carey: "Marquez no doubt to quick for Mosley"

Imran Hussain: "Would be a classic Mosley on points he has blistering hand speed at Lightweight also when he fought De La Hoya amazing speed."

Paddy Coakley: "Honestly couldn't say Marquez now work rate, Mosley ten years ago, just sheer power and sharper."

"Points mate hard to stop Mosley."

Queen Boxing: "Mosley by UD"

Pharoahfilms: "Mosley at Lightweight was too fast and too strong. It would have taken all of Marquez skill just to survive."

John Robertson: "Marquez chin and combinations even a prime Mosley struggled with good boxers."

Brenden Sweeney: "Mosley minus PEDS gets schooled."

David Little: "I agree Mosley would win, would have been to fast at 135 in his prime. On decision though, Marquez teak tough.

Layzie: "Mosley Vs Marquez at 135. Mosley no doubt. By sick KO."

Five of the Tweeters picked Mosley to win, four went with Marquez.

Thanks for all your Tweets on the fight.

I think regardless of the outcome, this fight will always be interesting and produce fireworks. It's a shame we never got to see the fight happen, but both Marquez and Mosley had some fascinating fights in both their careers. Two future Hall of Famers no doubt.