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If Tommy Hearns and Floyd Mayweather Jr fought each other at Welterweight, who would win?

                                                     Image from Ringtalk

One of the most talked about topics amongst boxing fans, are 'Dream' head to head match-ups. This is where we talk about a fight between two fighters from different era's. The most talked about 'Dream' fight in boxing is a fight between Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson. But one 'Dream' fight I always think about is a fight in the Welterweight division between Tommy 'The Hitman' Hearns, and Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr.

No doubt about it, Hearns fought in the better era, against the much tougher competition, but Mayweather Jr has that undefeated record. Below is a list of statistics on both fighters that you might want to take into consideration when picking a winner between the two.

Tommy Hearns Floyd Mayweather Jr
Height 6'1 5'8
Reach 78" 72"
Weight 147 IBS 147 IBS
Record as a Welterweight 34-1 32 KO 7-0 3KO
Big wins Pipino Cuevas, Randy Shields Ricky Hatton, Zab Judah
Titles won at Welterweight WBA IBF, WBC
Best asset Jab/Power Defence/Counter Punching
Flaws Inside Fighting Lack of Power/Volume
Notable losses Sugar Ray Leonard None

Looking at the stats, Hearns has the physical advantages, he has a lot of height and reach on Mayweather Jr, as well as the bigger punch. Mayweather Jr has the better defence, and more recognisable names on his record.

My opinion

I pick Tommy Hearns to not only beat Floyd Mayweather Jr, but to beat him by knock-out. I just don't see how Mayweather would get past his jab. Hearns was out-boxing the great Sugar Ray Leonard for most of their Welterweight fight. Mayweather, in my opinion, hasn't got the power or strength to walk Hearns down like Ray Leonard did.

I think Hearns would score regularly with the jab, frustrate  Mayweather, force him to make mistakes, and then stop him with with a big straight right hand.

Famous Views

This opinion is a little biased, because it's the opinion of Hearns's trainer, Emanuel Steward, but it seems like an honest assessment. To sum up, Steward said Hearns's height would be too much for Floyd to handle. But if you want to know what Steward said in full, here is a video of the interview courtesy of novirasputin2:

Roger Mayweather, trainer and uncle of Floyd, was once quoted in saying that Sugar Ray Robinson was the only fighter who could beat Floyd. The fact that he says Robinson is the only boxer who could beat Floyd must mean that he thinks Floyd would get the better of Hearns and all the other great Welterweight's in history, expect for Robinson.

Sugar Ray Leonard was asked a similar question in an interview, he said both him and Hearns wouldn't have any real problems in beating Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao.

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