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All over the internet, on Twitter and various Boxing Forums, I've seen a lot of people comment about Saul Alvarez saying he is 'scared' or 'unwilling' to fight any top contenders in the Light Middleweight division.

Many people are dissapointed in Alvarez's next scheduled title defence against Josesito Lopez. Let me first say that I also think this fight is a miss-match. Lopez was fighting against Light Welterweight's only two fights ago. But before you blame Alvarez, take this into consideration.

Alvarez was originally scheduled to fight Paul Williams, but due to a very unfortunate accident, this fight couldn't go ahead, and a replacement had to be made. Dangerous, big-puncher, James Kirkland was the one to replace Williams, but Kirkland demanded more money, and Alvarez's promoter's weren't happy with this, so Kirkland stepped down as Alvarez's opponent.

The third choice opponent was 'Vicious' Victor Ortiz. All Ortiz had to do was get past Josesito Lopez and the big fight with Alvarez would be his. But a broken jaw in the late rounds of the fight forced Ortiz to quit on his stool, Lopez was declared the winner, and Ortiz's injury would have prevented him from fighting Alvarez in September anyway. 

So with time running out, and three very worthy opponents dropping out of the fight for different reasons, GoldenBoy had to find another opponent who is known to the public. They chose Josesito Lopez who won over a lot of fans for his upset win over Victor Ortiz. 

So the point I'm making is, Alvarez isn't scared to fight dangerous opponents, he was scheduled to fight three very worthy challengers in September, it's not his fault all three had to pull out.