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The two Cuban's could fight later in the year

Two of Cuban's best professional boxers, Richard Abril and Yuriokis Gamboa have been linked to fight each other later on in the year, in the Lightweight division. I don't know how accurate these rumours are, but I'd be very interested in seeing this fight.

From what I've read so far, most of you think Gamboa would comfortably beat Abril, but I'm picking Abril to win if this fight ever happens. I know the tallest guys don't always win in boxing, but when looking at their heights, I found it alarming that Abril is 5'11, a very big Lightweight, while Gamboa is 5'5, a small Lightweight.

Not only that, but Abril uses his reach and jab expectationally well, just watch how Abril out-boxed Brandon Rios earlier in the year, Abril didn't even look like he was out of first gear. I know Gamboa is faster and more athletic than Rios, but Gamboa doesn't do much inside-fighting, he stays on the out-side and out-boxes his opponents.

This might work against guys like Orlando Salido, but will Gamboa be able to get past Abril's long jab to land his combination's? He might be able to do so in some rounds, but I see Abril controlling and winning the majority of the rounds with his jab followed by the right-hand.

You also have the fact that Gamboa has been very inactive of late, he also hasn't fought at Lightweight before, his ring-rust could effect his stamina in the later rounds.

I see it as a 115/113 type of close decision win for Abril, Gamboa has the big punch, but Abril's defence is exceptional.

I already consider Abril a Lightweight champion, but whoever wins this fight is certainly the best Lightweight in the world.

What do you think?