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Wladimir Klitschko has an opponent for his third fight of the year 

                                                   Image from The Mirror

The Heavyweight champion of the world, Wladimir Klitschko will take on unbeaten, Mariusz Wach later on in the year. Their isn't a date or venue set for this fight, but I think both team Klitschko and team Wach have reached a verbal agreement.

I think this is a very good fight compared to Wladimir's two recent fights against Jean-Marc Mormeck and Tony Thompson, who are both past their primes. Wach is young, undefeated, has a knock-out power and more than matches Wladimir in size.

But Wach is inexperienced, slow and hasn't beat a top 10 ranked contender, so as always, Wladimir is the big favourite.

I think this is a fight where somebody get's stopped. Wladimir and Wach both have the ability to end a fight with one punch, and both are vulnerable to being stopped. As you all know, Wladimir has been stopped three times before, Wach hasn't been knocked-down, but he hasn't gone more than 10 rounds in his pro career. He could get stopped in the late rounds of this fight due to stamina issues.

I think Wladimir will win by knock-out, he has too much speed and experience over Wach. But it's the Heavyweight division, so Wach always has a punchers chance.

I'm looking forward to this fight, could Mariusz Wach be the first man to beat Wladimir Klitschko since 2004?