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First of all I want to say that this is just my opinion, I'm not saying this is a fact.

Darren Barker has achieved a lot in boxing, he has held British, Commonwealth and European titles. He has even fought for a World title, and at 30 years of age you would think retirement will be a good 3 or 4 years away. But unfortunately for Darren, and all of his fans, retirement might come sooner rather than later.

The reason is obvious, injuries. He had a lot of problems with a hip injury, but earlier this year he had an operation and according to him his hips have recovered. But just 2 weeks before his fight at the Alexandra Palace, another injury popped up, forcing him to pull out of the fight. This time it was an arm injury. This might be good news, it might be just an injury that happens and then goes away once healed.

But after watching Darren in interviews, and on T.V talking about his injury setback, I get the feeling he isn't in love with boxing any-more. He worked as a pundit for the Golovkin/Proksa fight this morning on Sky Sports 1, and whilst talking about a return to the ring, he didn't seem at all enthusiastic about getting back into training and then the ring.

He even said himself something along the lines of "I need to have a serious think about my future because I don't want to start another 10/12 week training camp again and then have to pull out due to another injury."

That statement suggests to me that retirement is on his mind. And I like I said earlier, when I hear him talk about boxing, I don't get the impression that he loves the sport like a Carl Froch or Tony Bellew does.

Well if Darren does decide to retire then it's a great shame because there are some really intriguing fights out their for him in the Middleweight division, domestically and world wide.

He should also remember that he has had a very good career and should be proud of the titles he has won.