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We're getting close to what some people call the end of the boxing 'season', a time when fights cool off and we all go watch the football. While its true that for the next few months there may not be as many fights happening, that doesn't mean you'll be stuck for things to watch.

I thought I'd share what fights I'm looking forward to seeing. There are some obvious ones here (Martinez-Chavez anyone?) and some that are not so obvious. You might want to get your calender out and mark these off. I'll get my calendar too, because I'm hoping you'll tell me some fights that I should tune in to over the next few months.

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr - 15th September
Simply the biggest test Julio's ever had.  The prodigy has taken a lot of flack and found himself compared to his dad one-too-many times, but he looked good in his last match against Andy Lee.  Despite the 11 year age gap, Martinez will make Julio sweat.

Ricky Burns vs Kevin Mitchell - 22nd September
Who's the best lightweight in Britain? We're going to find out in a couple of weeks time thanks to Frank Warren. The Boxnation boss has lined up Burns and Mitchell to fight over the WBO belt. I already think Burns is the best lightweight in the world, and I think he will beat Mitchell.

Paul McCloskey vs Manuel Perez - 22nd September
Don't get me wrong, this isn't going to be a good fight. McCloskey has been a let down of late and Perez isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The reason I'm looking forward to this is that I want to see if McCloskey has anything left. Ever since he lost to Khan he has looked like a beaten man. I thought he lost to Breidis Prescott last year, and he was stopped a few months ago by DeMarcus Corley. What's he got left?

Adonis Stevenson vs Don George - 12th October
I'm looking forward to this one because I want to see how far Adonis Stevenson can go. I'd heard his name a few times before, but I really started to pay attention to the super middleweight when he was named to fight Jesus Gonzales. I'd recently written about Jesus (here if you're interested) and his comeback story, so I was drawn to see him take on Adonis. I thought Jesus's Hollywood comeback tale was going to march on, but I was wrong. On the night Stevenson took just one round to finish Gonzales.

Stevenson has a story of his own in that he spent time in prison in his youth*. This was revealed by Gonzales during the build up to the Stevenson -Gonzales fight, a move that I feel was aimed at casting Gonzales as the good guy and Stevenson as the big, bad ex-con. Stevenson finished his sentence twelve years ago, so the fact he has a successful boxing career makes this a story of redemption.

*He was arrested for pimping, in case you're wondering.

David Price vs Audley Harrison
Yeah, I know what you're going to say. And I know you're going to bring up Audley's 'fight' against David Haye in 2010. I can't defend him, he was anti-boxing in that match and his credibility has been on the run ever since.

I'm looking forward to this fight because I'll be there, so I have to be optimistic about the event. At least we'll see David Price get his Lonsdale belt. Plus, Dillian White is fighting and I have a feeling he's a heavyweight to watch.

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?