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DeGale will defend his EBU title against Mohoumadi in two weeks time

James DeGale is set to defend his EBU Super Middleweight title against French champion, Hadillah Mohoumadi. As you all know, DeGale has signed a four year contract with Hennessy promotions, and he will now fight on Channel 5, along side Tyson Fury, Kid Galahad and Chris Eubank Jr. This is good news for boxing, the more fights on terrestrial T.V, the better.

The fight date is only two weeks away, so the choice of opponent is no real surprise, Mohoumadi is someone for DeGale to look good against for debut on Channel 5. Having said that, DeGale shouldn't take Mohoumadi lightly, he has never been stopped before and has nine stoppage's from thirteen wins.

I expect DeGale to be victorious, but the bout should be interesting while it lasts.

It does look likely that their will be a new rivalry in British boxing, just a few weeks ago Chris Eubank Jr tweeted this:

"Today in sparring I schooled European champ James DeGale. It was the first time I've seen a fighter trash talk 'while' getting hit in the face."

DeGale responded by saying Eubank Jr has a lot to learn in boxing. Now that they both have the same promoter and will be fighting on each other's under-card's, maybe in a few years time their will be an all British showdown between DeGale and Eubank Jr?

Let me know what you think of DeGale's new opponent, promoter and rivalry with Eubank Jr.