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Tomorrow night, on the under-card of the Andre Ward/Chad Dawson fight, WBC Lightweight champion, Antonio DeMarco will take on John Molina in a twelve round scheduled contest. While Ward/Dawson is the bigger fight on paper, Molina/DeMarco will steal the show in my opinion.

Both guys never take a backwards step, both are their to be hit, and both have power. The winner of this fight could be in line to face Adrien Broner, who is looking to make his Lightweight debut later on in the year.

My Prediction 

I'm picking Antonio DeMarco to win by knock-out. I've watched a few of Molina's fights on YouTube, and he just get's hit way too much. If you think DeMarco's defence is bad, watch any of Molina's fights and he makes DeMarco look like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

To me, Molina is like a harder punching John Murray. His strategy is to walk through his opponent's punches to land his own. It has worked for Molina, he broke Henry Lundy down and stopped him late, but as John Murray found out in both of his losses, if you take a lot of hits from big punches, your face will start to mark up badly.

I think DeMarco will win a late stoppage in an excellent fight, Molina has a big punch, and a good chin so he has a chance, but I see DeMarco winning simply because I don't think he will get hit as much as Molina will.