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Impressive performance by 'Superman'

                                                                                          Image from ESPN Boxing

Last night, in Quebec, Canada, Adonis Stevenson stopped Don George in the 12th round of a very entertaining fight, to become the number one contender for Carl Froch's IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Stevenson dropped and hurt George with body shots multiple times throughout the fight, George had his moments, but Stevenson's brutal body attack dominated most of the rounds.

After watching the fight last night, Stevenson showed a lot of very good qualities in winning:

Chin - Stevenson's only defeat is a stoppage loss in the second round to a journeyman, there were many question marks regarding his punch resistance going into this fight. Last night I think they were answered, Stevenson got caught flush with several right hands from George, and he took them without being badly hurt.

Stamina - Stevenson also showed excellent stamina, he through a very high volume of punches in every round, and he looked like he could have continued to fight for another four or five rounds.

Boxing Ability - Most people thought Stevenson was just a big puncher, however in this fight he proved he has the ability to out-box an opponent for the full length of the fight. Stevenson proved he is a highly skilled fighter who can 'box' and 'punch.'

Power - He might not have got the spectacular one punch knock-out, but he did prove he has the power to hurt a Top 10 opponent with head and body shots.

Work-Rate - Like I said earlier, Stevenson was very consistent in throwing a high volume of punchers in every round. Not only volume of punchers, but he showed he can punch with either hand, to the head and body.

So, with that win, Stevenson is in the line to fight Carl Froch. But Froch does have his next two fights already lined up, later in the year against Yusaf Mack, and early next year against Lucian Bute. So we probably won't see a Stevenson/Froch fight until mid to late next year.

You have to favour Froch in that match-up, but I think Stevenson causes him a lot of problems.

Were you impressed by Adonis Stevenson's performance?