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It's the morning after another great fighting weekend, so it's time to take a look at the League Table for our Boxing Prediction League, but first, here are the results from the fights this weekend.

1) David Price (KO) Vs Audley Harrison
2) Adonis Stevenson (KO) Vs Don George
3) James DeGale (UD) Vs Hadilah Mohoumadi
4) Nonito Donaire (KO) Vs Toshiaki Nishioka
5) Brandon Rios (KO) Vs Mike Alvarado

David Price did exactly what was expected of him against a forty year old man who has seen better days, he hurt Harrison with the first right hand he landed, and the two punchers that followed brutally put Harrison on the canvas. But to give Audley his credit, he came to fight, he came forward and threw punchers.

Adonis Stevenson looked very impressive in beating Don George, Stevenson won practically every round whilst hurting and dropping George multiple times. Stevenson closed the show spectacularly in the twelfth round, the body shots Stevenson landed throughout the fight finally took a toll on George.

James DeGale won his first fight live on Channel Five, he out-pointed Hadilah Mohoumadi in a fight that was a lot closer than the judges scorecards. DeGale had a tough time with Mohoumadi, who came to fight, and threw a high volume of punchers. But the clean and effective work came from DeGale, who should learn a lot from that bout.

Nonito Donaire scored a stoppage win over Toshiaki Nishioka, with this win Donaire proved he is well and truly the best Super Bantamweight on the planet. Donaire won most of the rounds in a quiet affair, he dropped Nishioka in the sixth and ninth rounds, and Nishioka's corner stopped the fight shortly after the second knock-down.

Brandon Rios had to take some brutal power punchers on his way to stopping Mike Alvarado. The fight was a slug-fest from the opening bell. Alvarado was winning the fight at the time of the stoppage, but it was clear that Rios's power shots were having a greater effect than Alvarado's. Many of you think the stoppage came to early, but Alvarado had taken some punishment throughout the fight so it was a good call from the referee.

Participants Points Points earned this week 
Robbie1601 (+1) 76 13
Wallworkjake (-1) 74 8
JamieBoxing29 (+2) 69 11
Philwhelan (-) 68 9
Superstarste (+2) 68 11
Dan2012 (-3) 67 8
Jimthepimpdaddy (-1) 67 10
Pacman_fan1 (+1) 62 13
BoxPred (+1) 61 13
JohnyT (-2) 57 6
david shaw (-) 56 9
Boxing101 (-) 50 11
Herr Pigdog (+3) 45 13
BoxingOpinions (-) 43 7
Gordon (-2) 38 0
Earl-Hickey (-1) 35 0
Quirino (-) 22 0
Lilo (+3) 14 7
SWALKS (-1) 9 0
danny moore (-1) 9 0
TheLadHimself (-1) 9 0
FIGHTER2R (-) 6 0
Hellbouy (-) 5 0
999shaun (-) 3 0

Here are the fixtures for next week, week 10.

Credit to 'Robbie1601', 'Pacman_fan1', 'BoxPred' and 'Herr Pigdog' who all got the joint highest score of thirteen points this week. 'Robbie1601' moved up to first place in doing so.