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Watch as Danny Garcia demolishes Erik Morales with a left hook from hell.

Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales II was the second, and final it turns out, part of one of my favourite matches of the year. When the two met back in March Danny Garcia came out with a points victory but Erik Morales made him go through hell for it, fighting like a mad dog until the bell rang in the last round. The fact the first was so good made part two one of those fights I stay up until four AM for, I thought it was unmissable.

We got a good fight but it wasn't an all out war like the first. This time Garcia, who has easily joined the elite list, showed Morales up to be a man too old to be boxing at the top level, dismantling him with his left hook in the same way he took apart Amir Khan in July.

Big things wait Garcia now and I will talk about them over the next few weeks, but for now here's the Garcia vs Morales knockout video in case you missed the fight.

Video from Gashwell87