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Jordan Shimmell (5-0-0 5KO) USA: He’s only had five pro fights and they were against they were against guys with a collective loss record of 65 fights, but Shimmell is going to be breaking onto the American heavyweight scene in two or three years time.

He’s got an amateur honours list longer than The Fellowship of the Ring, including Michigan State Championships, National Golden Gloves Championships and the World Golden Gloves Tournament. Shimmell was the number one amateur heavyweight in America, so our US readers will know of him but manhy in the UK won’t.

Dorsett Barnwell (8-0-0 4KO) USA: The most badass heavyweight on the list, Dorsett was shot in the arm but still managed to carry on boxing. That’s right, shot with a gun. As is often the case, this was an argument over a woman that got out of control when the girl’s brother pulled a gun. Luckily Barnwell managed recover, despite at one point fearing doctors would take his arm.

Watch him knock out Kareem Wilson in his professional debut. (Kareem Wilson vs Dorsett Barnwell on youtube) 

Gary Cornish (10-0-0 3KO) Scotland: Cornish has had 19 fights in his entire career, both amateur and professional, but the Scottish heavyweight is already talking about sparring with the Klitschkos.

Watch him fight Igoris Boroucha.