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Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent’s promotion company TMT is caput and 50 might be running away with Manny Pacquiao. He and his fighters – Yuriorkis Gamboa, Billy Dib and Andre Dirrell – have moved over to a brand new promotions company called SMS Promotions, leaving Mayweather stuck with Oscar de la Hoya as his best friend. It was a friendship that rivalled Joey and Chandler, but now it’s over.

Et tu, Brute?

Their friendship was touching in a way. At Mayweather fights you’d see the fighter stroll out into the smoke with 50 walking behind him holding his belts proudly in the air. Despite the massive star he is in his own right you could tell he was proud to be part of his boxing friend’s entourage, and I’m sure Mayweather was happy to have someone with bona-fide street cred backing him up.

Then there were the 24/7 shows where 50 and Floyd would sit around having a laugh, sometimes taking part in a healthy bit of sports betting and other times cracking each other up by pretending to use a stack of money as a telephone.

They were the best pals that ever lived, but their relationship had its problems. Back in 2008 the two got into a fight at a celebrity basketball event and Floyd supposedly threw a punch at 50. It was laughed off a few days later, with 50 saying about the fight:

“Let’s say Floyd is no longer undefeated.”

That’s nothing. I got into fights with friends at school where we’d circle each other for a few minutes, throw a few half-hearted punches and then end things with a headlock on the ground. Floyd and 50’s current spat seems a lot worse and that is mainly due the involvement of Manny Pacquiao.

Going back to September there had been problems between 50 and Floyd, with 50 saying that things were different between them (they really do seem like a couple, don’t they?), and it was perhaps around this time that 50 decided Manny Pacquiao might make a better partner in a promotions company than Floyd. Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Konz, confirmed as much when he said:

"50 Cent and I have been talking now for maybe the last two months. They approached us with the idea to form a promotional company. Initially it was going to be 50 Cent, Manny and Floyd. But right now I don't think Floyd is going to be a part of it. "

Floyd has been quiet on the whole affair to date, not even taking the time to trash talk on Twitter. In fact one his tweets posted yesterday was an advertisement of the TMT Promotions Twitter handle. It seems the sudden split between the two came as much as a shock to Floyd as it did to everyone else. The only question left is will Justin Beiber be carrying all of Floyd’s belts from now on?