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This weekend was a very big weekend for fight fans, we saw the return of a British legend, with a packed under-card, and a huge Welterweight fight in the America, also with a decent under-card. Let's take a look at the League Table after Week 3, but first, here are the results from last night.

1) Ricky Hatton Vs Vyacheslav Senchenko (KO)
2) Scott Quigg (KO) Vs Randall Munroe
3) Martin Murray (KO) Vs Jorge Navarro
4) Robert Guerrero (Decision) Vs Andre Berto
5) Keith Thurman (KO) Vs Carlos Quintana

Vyacheslav Senchenko showed his mental strength last night, he came over to Manchester, in front of thousands and thousands of screaming Ricky Hatton fans, had some tough moments in early in the fight, and still managed to land a very well-timed body shot that dropped Hatton for the full count of ten. Great effort by Hatton, who was inactive for three years, but the decision to call it a day is a wise one.

Scott Quigg stole the show on the under-card, he became the first man to stop the very tough, Rendall Munroe. Munroe started off well, winning the first round on work-rate. But Quigg used very effective movement and body shots to slow the thirty-two year old down. Quigg dropped Munroe twice in the sixth with body shots, Munroe beat the count but the referee waved off the contest.

Martin Murray did what he was supposed to do against a an over-matched challenger. Murray was in control from the start, he dropped Navarro heavily in the first round, Navarro was dropped again in the sixth, and after some hard shots to the head, his corner threw in the towel. That was a must-win fight for Murray as his next fight could be against Middleweight champion, Sergio Martinez.

Robert Guerrero beat Andre Berto in a very entertaining fight, surprisingly, Guerrero dropped Berto in the first and second rounds. Berto recovered but both eyes were swelling up as a result of Gurerrero's left hand. Most of the fight was fought on the ropes, and most fight fans, including myself, were surprised to see Berto being pushed back against the ropes by the smaller Guerrero. A big fight awaits "The Ghost."

Keith "One Time" Thurman scored another Knock-Out win, he stopped Carlos Quintana in the fourth round. Thurman is now listed with elite names such as Paul Williams, Miguel Cotto and Andre Berto who all stopped Carlos Quintana. After his biggest career win so far, Thurman is in line for a world title shot against one of the Welterweight champions.

Here is the League Table after Week 3.

Participants Points Points earned this week
1) OldmanMixu (+1) 29 10
2) killerb23 (+1) 26 8
2) SWALKS (+1) 26 8
2) Dan2012 (+4) 26 10
2) Q.Cardenas (+4) 26 10
3) Jimthepimpdaddy (-5) 25 5
3) oI F a T a L x (-) 25 8
4) TheBaracas (+2) 24 8
5) Hamza (+2) 23 8
6) JamieBoxing29 (-5) 22 5
6) BoxPred (+4) 22 7
7) Herr Pigdog (+4) 21 7
7) david shaw (+4) 21 7
8) Philwhelan (-8) 20 3
8) Superstarste (-2) 20 5
8) Robbie1601 (-2) 20 5
8) Heisenberg (+1) 20 7
8) James Hernandezz (+1) 20 7
9) Lee N (-7) 15 0
10) Gordon (+6) 14 7
10) JohnyT (+6) 14 7
11) BoxingOpinions (+2) 13 6
11) A_Corry (+6) 13 7
12) Dan Calvert (-4) 10 0
12) TheLadHimself (-4) 10 0
13) joecbrooke (-4) 8 0
13) Quincyboxingfan (-4) 8 0
14) Agamenmon Busmalis (-3) 7 0
15) Hellbouy (-1) 6 0
16) Boxing101 (-) 5 0
16) BlueBlueElectricBlue (-) 5 0
16) Azad (-) 5 0
17) Osiris (-) 4 0
17) Imran hussain (-) 4 0

Props to "OldmanMixu" for moving up to first place, and earning the joint highest score this week of ten points, with "Dan2012" and "Q.Cardenas."

The League is very open right now, everyone is still in with a chance to win a signed poster of their favourite fighter.

What have you got to lose?

Here are the fixtures for next week, Week 4.