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Must see fights in the Heavyweight division

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People say Heavyweight boxing is "The worst it's ever been" and "The worst division in boxing", it may not be as good as it used to be, but look at these up-coming fights, and you'll realise that today's Heavyweight division isn't as bad as people make out.

Tyson Fury Vs Kevin Johnson - One of the most highly talked about Heavyweight prospects, up against and experienced American, who has been known for talking the talk but not walking the walk. In this fight we will find out how good these two Heavyweight's really are, and whether they are ready for a Klitschko. 1/12/12

Seth Mitchell Vs Jonathan Banks - You won't have to wait long for this fight as it takes place this weekend on the Antonio DeMarco/Adrien Broner under-card. Banks has the experience and skills, but Mitchell has the strength and power. How much has Mitchell learnt from his first round scare against Chazz Witherspoon? We'll find out this Saturday. 17/11/12

Mike Perez Vs Ruslan Chagaev - This fight is similar to the first on the list, a highly touted, undefeated prospect, up against an experienced former world champion. Ruslan Chagaev isn't in his prime, but he's still good enough to test, and maybe upset the Cuban, Mike Perez. Chagaev has only been stopped once, and that was by Wladimir Klitschko, Perez would make a big statement if he became the second man to stop Ruslan Chagaev. 1/12/12

Deontay Wilder Vs Kelvin Price - This one has gone under the radar a little bit, people complain at the level of opponents Wilder has fought, but this is a solid step up for him. He takes on a fellow unbeaten American, Kelvin Price. Price has a win over Prize-Fighter champion, Tor Hamer, and he should ask some questions of Wilder. 15/12/12

Chris Arreola Vs Bermane Stiverne - This is a must see fight. Someone, in my opinion, will get Knocked-Out, and it won't be pretty. Both guys have a high KO ratio, Arreola's is 81% and Stiverne's is 83%. Arreola has fought the much better competition, but Stiverne has the power to hurt any Heavyweight on the planet. Take a look at his brutal KO over then unbeaten, Kertson Manswell.

Video courtesy of Defend:

Arreola/Stiverne is a "WBC Semi-Final Title Eliminator." 15/12/12

Tomasz Adamek Vs Steve Cunningham II - If you saw the first fight, you won't want to miss the rematch. The first fight was in the Cruiserweight division back in 2008. Adamek won a competitive decision over twelve rounds. Both guys are now campaigning at Heavyweight, and slightly past their primes, this makes them more vulnerable in the ring, and that makes for a more entertaining fight. 22/12/12

So that's six Heavyweight fights to watch this year. Don't forget, we are in November, so most of the Heavyweight action has already happened.

We had Price/Harrison, Chisora/Haye, Chisora/Vitali, Pulev/Dimitrenko, Fury/Rogan, Klitschko/Wach, Adamek/Chambers and more.

What do you think of the up-coming Heavyweight schedule? What fights do you want to see made in the Heavyweight division?