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What a fight!

When was the last time you saw two dangerous and unbeaten fighters in the Middleweight/Super Middleweight division's risk their '0'? Pavlik/Taylor? Abraham/Miranda? Well it's a very slim list, but you can add two more names. Gennady Golovkin Vs Tommy Oosthuizen. Both very talented, exciting and untested, a recipe for a barn-stormer of a fight.

Credit has to go to both guys for taking this fight. Golovkin has just been crowned the 'WBA Middleweight champion', yet he moves up a weight class to fight a dangerous fighter, with no belt on the line. Golovkin will have to learn how to fight someone with a huge height advantage over him. Golovkin is an average 5ft 10 Middleweight, while Oosthuizen is huge for a Super Middleweight at 6ft 4. Golovkin has to beat a man six inches bigger in height. It's a tall order.

I think the winner of this will likely fight Andre Ward, especially if GGG's hand is the one raised. I would prefer GGG to go the Sergio Martinez route, and Oosthuizen to go the Carl Froch route, winnable fights for both guys. But as long as they fight each other, I won't complain.