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wladimir klitschko vs mariusz wach fight video
Wladimir Klitschko got the 59th win of his career on Saturday when he fought Mariusz Wach, a prospect who brought a 27 unbeaten fight record with him to the O2 World Arena, Hamburg. Klitschko won a unanimous decision after winning every round on the judges scorecards. Despite an fifth round scare when Wach rocked him, Wladimir rarely looked in trouble.

After the fight Frank Maloney, working pundit duties on ESPN, commented that it was a bad Klitschko fight because it was boring, whereas Steve Bunce thought that Wach's resilience and ability to go the distance made it one of the better matches we have seen Waldimir in.

I think it was one of the more entertaining fights we have seen from Dr. Steelhammer. He threw a lot more punches than usual and even mixed in a few combinations, which was good to see because he rarely deviates from his jab-right straight favourite. The fifth round had me on the edge of my seat because Wach rocked Klitschko, and had the round lasted a minute longer we may have seen Wladimir carted out on a stretcher.

Throughout the match Wach took an absolute battering from Klitschko, with some of the slow-mo replays of the bigger shots being so bad they made me wince. The fact Wach kept on his feat through a barrage of punches from one of the hardest hitters in boxing means he has one of the best chins in boxing today, and certainly has the best chin out of any of the heavyweights fighting now.

Based on what we saw on Saturday Wladimir would struggle with David Price and Tyson Fury, especially Price who is more athletic, a harder puncher and more accurate than Wach. Watch the video and let me know what you think. Pay particular attention to round five because for me it highlighted a weakness of Waldimir Klitschko that is there to be exploited.

Video courtesy of TVMusicgood