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Manny Pacquiao takes to the ring to fight Juan Manuel Marquez tonight. This is the pair's fourth fight, and some feel it is unnecessary, however many do think that Juan Manuel has actually beaten Pacquiao despite taking losses from the judges, so they believe another match is needed to decide who is better.

The fight card starts 9pm EST, which is 2am in Britain. Pacquiao and Marquez are expected to make their ring entrances at around 5AM GMT, so if you're watching from the UK you might want to go to bed and get some sleep. Either that or drink a hell of a lot of coffee.

Our Prediction:
This is a tough one to call because of the history between the pair. Many will be tempted to go for Pacquiao purely because of his reputation, but in their last three fights Marquez has shown that he might have Manny figured out. A Marquez decision win is a good shout.