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Now that the Olympics are behind us and the big spotlight on sport has been turned off it is great to see that people are still inspired by what they saw and want to take part in sports. One sport that the Great Britain team did well in was boxing, taking home three gold medals, one silver and one bronze and overall just showing how strong the domestic scene is. This in turn has brought many newcomers to the sport and they are not only just watching it but instead trying to take part in it too. This is great as for any sport to improve it needs new talent to come in and move the whole thing forward, and this may happen with boxing as lots of women are taking part due to the gold medal we won in women’s boxing. Because of all the new people watching boxing there has also been a large increase in people also betting on the sport as well.

This was also expected as placing bets on sport have never been easier to do than today. With the internet being as big as it is nowadays, it allows for the creation of websites that contain the ability to place bets from home as well as all the live odds and stats that will help you make the right choice of who to bet on. The gambling industry as a whole has taken advantage of the internet in fact, not only online bookmakers but the online casinos have also grown massively over the past few years. Just as with the bookies, online casino users can now simply take their smartphone out their pocket and be playing within seconds – a quick spin on the slots or a hand of cards at the poker table is now that simple at sites such as http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/ , and none of the choice has gone – there are slots games to cover people of all interests; check out the boxing themed one “Fighting Fish”! The only hard decision to make when using an online betting service is where you want to do your betting due to the sheer choice available to you, and of course who/what to bet on.

There are a few different things in which you can place a bet on boxing, the first and most common being who will actually win the fight. Others though are less common such as a round by round bet on who will win each one and a bet on how the winner will win be it through a knock out or maybe a referee’s decision. If you’re planning on a bet in the near future then make sure to be clued up on how each fighter is doing and if possible watch a few of their past matches – you can always place a bet mid-fight though, again this is the beauty of mobile gaming!