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So this Saturday, Lee Purdy, an all action warrior will take on the experienced, loud-mouthed American, Carson Jones. The bout was due to go ahead late last year, but Purdy got sick on the week of the fight.

I'm glad the fight was rescheduled because I don't see how this fight can be boring. Purdy and Jones are come forward fighters, if there is a fight involving Purdy or Jones where they box on the back foot, I would like to see it.

I recently Tweeted my brief thoughts on the fight, and within an hour of sending that Tweet, I received Tweets from a few of Purdy's friends and family telling me how wrong I am. Well I'll go into more detail and explain my reasons for picking Carson Jones to win this fight big.

1) Level of competition - Jones has lost several fights in his career, no question, but you really have to look at his record and find out WHO he lost to. Kell Brook, Jesus Soto Karass, Alfonso Gomez and Freddy Hernandez. All world class opponents. Jones also beat a good contender in Said Ouali in 2011. I would argue that Purdy has never even fought anyone as good as Ouali.

2) Jones knows too much for Purdy - One thing the Purdy fans will have to agree with me on is that Jones has FAR more experience in the boxing ring.  His ring craft is far superior to Purdy's, go back and watch the fight with Kell Brook, Jones walks Brook onto several well timed uppercuts. I think Purdy will walk into a lot of sneaky shots on Saturday night.

3) Purdy isn't world class - I've always said that you can tell when someone is world class even if they haven't fought world class opposition. Purdy get's hit way too much. Colin Lynes is a good British level fighter, but if Lynes can completely out-class you, what will a world level operator like Carson Jones do?

So that's my view on this fight. I like Lee Purdy, he is excellent to watch and conducts himself well outside of the ring, but a likeable persona and an exciting fight style doesn't make you a world class fighter in my view.

If I'm wrong, and Purdy does win fair and square, I'll take the criticism from Lee Purdy's fans.

I'd like to see the winner face the winner of Kell Brook/Devon Alexander.