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So last night Keith Thurman was at the post fight press conference talking to the media about future opponents, he looked into the crowd and saw the WBA Welterweight world champion, Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi. Thurman called Malignaggi out and Malignaggi basically said that there wasn't enough money to fight Thurman, which is fair enough.

But Malignaggi said something, which in my opinion, was very hypocritical. He was criticising Thurman for his level of opposition, which I admit, hasn't been great. Malignaggi told Thurman that he needed to fight a fighter who isn't old and past his prime, referring to Thurman's opponent last night, thirty six year-old, Jan Zaveck. Some of you may think Malignaggi is making a good point, but didn't Malignaggi beat a thirty five year-old to become the WBA Welterweight champion?

I would also say that Jan Zaveck is a much tougher opponent than Senchenko. Not only that, but Malignaggi's first defence of the title was against Pablo Cesar Cano, a fighter who fought as a Lightweight in 2011. In my opinion, Jan Zaveck is better than everyone Malignaggi has fought at Welterweight.

Now we are also hearing that Malignaggi's second defence of the title will be against Adrian Broner, don't get me wrong, Broner is a terrific fighter, but isn't he a Lightweight? How can anyone say Broner is a more worthy opponent than Keith Thurman?

The point I'm making is that Malignaggi needs to take a look at his own record before criticising the resume of a worthy contender.

Keith Thurman Vs Paulie Malignaggi, who wins??