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Amir Khan is known for his speed and the deadly precision of his punches. He is also extremely well conditioned and has proven five times that he can last all twelve rounds of a championship fight. If you want to train like the lightening fast Jr welterweight and build stamina, speed and power then here is Amir Khan’s training routine.

Khan’s body shape is extremely lean. He has a low body fat and has packed on lean muscle, and although he isn’t as built as some of the welterweights he is in fantastic shape. His exercise routine is based around circuit training and he uses this to burn fat and build muscle. This workout is suitable for someone who wants to get into a lean shape rather than packing on huge quantities of muscle. As you probably know, Amir relies on speed first in the ring and muscle second.

Equipment Needed: Medicine ball, two sturdy boxes, dumbbells, punch bag.
Best Done: At the gym
Time: 12 minutes

The Routine
If you want to follow along with Khan then you need to do each exercise at near-maximum intensity for 30 seconds before moving on the the next exercise. When you’ve done a complete set of all exercises then rest for one minuter, then repeat the whole thing another two times.

Seated Medicine Ball Throws

Explosive Squats

Plyometric Depth Jumps

Farmers Walk


Bag Bursts
 Throw punches at a boxing bag at a steady rate. Don't just use your arms, use the hips too.

Feeling Motivated? Here's a little extra:

As well as the above routine, Khan does a lot of sit ups (during which he is frequently bashed in the stomach with a medicine ball in order to get ready for those gruelling body shots) as well as a lot of running. As you probably know, most boxers have a dose of running in their training camps because it is essential to build up the stamina needed to last twelve rounds.

As his fights get closer Khan cranks up the intensity, getting up at 6.30 and training until 10, then hitting the gym again the same afternoon. If you’re just trying to get fit you don’t need this level of exercise so don’t feel you have to emulate Amir one hundred percent. Just make sure you keep within safe limits and increase the amount you do gradually.

Khan's diet is based around protein, as you will find with any athlete in decent shape. Mainstays in his daily diet are protein shakes, oatmeal with berries, eggs, chicken, fish, rice, vegetables and cottage cheese. These are the sorts are foods you will see recommended by thousands of fitness coaches, and for a boxer who is looking to last through a gruelling fight these kinds of foods are essential. Khan has said that he needs to eat over 6000 calories a day during his training camps, but you won't need anywhere near this level. For further reading on recommended calorie intakes for athletes visit Livestrong.

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