If you're looking to get in shape like a boxer or you're just looking for some boxing workouts to add to your own routine then you're at the right place. You can also find plenty of drills, techniques and tips to help you exercise like a champ.

B-Hop's training regime is heavily dependent on a good diet

Bernard Hopkins recently won another world title by beating undefeated world champion Tavoris Cloud. Hopkins bossed his younger opponent around the ring and gave a boxing master class to earn yet another belt, and in the process he smashed his own record as the oldest fighter to win a major championship. Hopkins did this aged 48, and he’s probably in better shape than 99% of the twenty-to-forty year olds reading this page.

So how does he do it? We all know that as we get older our bodies can’t take as much strain. Exercise becomes more difficult, and we can’t do the things a supple 19 year old can do. How then does he continue to be a world class boxer and compete at the top level of the sport? Read on to find out how he stays in shape, get an idea of his workout routine and find out what the secrets are to his fantastic fitness.Here's the Bernard Hopkins training regime.

Key Exercises
Running – He runs every single morning to keep up his endurance. Since most of B-Hops fights last the whole twelve rounds stamina is absolutely critical for him.

Circuits – He does the boxing equivalent of circuit training where he hits the heavy bag, speed bag and pads in quick succession. Hopkins’ trainer Danny Davis has also said that circuit training is essential for Hopkins to keep fit.

Crunches – Essential for a strong core.

Push-ups – The bodyweight exercise that builds chest and arm strength.


Discipline – Having the drive to keep exercising, keep getting up early in the morning to run, never spoiling your diet and never quitting.Make no mistake, building fitness discipline is a workout in itself.

I usually spend more time on these posts writing about the exercises that boxers do because after all, that's how you get in shape, right? Well Bernard Hopkins is great proof that exercise is only half the battle - the other half is nutrition. For your body to look good and perform well you need to feed it the right stuff, and this isn't something that boxers always do. Sometimes they overeat or they eat the wrong foods, and this makes them miss weight. Hopkins never tips the scales at the weigh-in.

Hopkins eats lots of whole grain foods such as pasta, and lots of fish but no red meat. Also important to his diet are chicken and veg – lots and lots of veg. He never eats junk food like burgers and pizza and he always cooks his own meals so that he knows what he is eating. Whilst not everyone can cook their own food for every single meal all the time, his nutrition ideas are sound and are already used by a lot of fitness professionals.

Diet is something that Hopkins values perhaps more than any other fighter, and it is an aspect of his training that he thinks is most responsible for his incredible longevity. His insistence on cooking his own meals means he has ultimate portion and ingredient control over what he eats and means he is only putting good things into his body.