If you're looking to get in shape like a boxer or you're just looking for some boxing workouts to add to your own routine then you're at the right place. You can also find plenty of drills, techniques and tips to help you exercise like a champ.

Undefeated Andre Ward is a consummate professional. He’s the top fighter in his division and could make a strong claim for being the pound for pound number one were it not for Floyd Mayweather. As well as having a tremendous amount of natural talent he is also an extremely hardworking boxer, and as an athlete he is a good role model for anyone who wants to get fit.

Andre Ward’s training routine is different from over boxers in that his trainer, Virgil Hunter, revels on thrusting Ward into difficult mental situations where his resolve will be tested. In effect this means training Ward for different lengths of time and in different ways until the fighter is mentally under strain. This means that Andre develops a tough mentality as well as making sure his body is always put under pressure.

If you already workout regularly you will know yourself that you can get accustomed to workouts; you go through your routines day on day but you just don’t feel the burn any more. Your body is used to the exercise you are doing, and it expects it. It’s not being tested anymore and it is time to switch things up. This is what Hunter’s training is meant to do.

Super Intense Andre Ward Workout

Before you think about integrating this into your own regime just remember that even Andre Ward only does this once a week, because it is such hard work that doing any more than that puts him at risk of overtraining. And overtraining can easily lead to injury.

I would suggest that that you give this a try but not at the same intensity as Ward. Do it once a month, perhaps when you see your exercise gains start to stall. It could be just what you need to give your body a kick up the ass and start working. Also, this workout bears a passing resemblance to Balboa’s routine in Rocky 4, just minus the snow. So stick Hearts on Fire on your iPod and get to it.

These are performed as supersets (do each exercise in the set back to back with no rest in between.)

Set 1
- Log runs (hold a log or plate above your head, run fifty yards then rest. Repeat until you can’t hold up the weight.)
- Medicine Ball sledgehammer chops

Set 2
- Medicine ball chest pass
- Box jumps

Ward’s Usual Exercises

Like I said, Ward doesn’t do the above routine all the time because it is just too intense to be a regular thing. His normal boxing regime is much more standard and there is a lot to gain from if even if you aren’t a boxer or a professional athlete yourself.

It revolves around training for strength and endurance, as well as using bag to keep up sharpness. You can add any of these exercises into your own exercise regimes to really give them a world champion level kick. Here’s what Andre Ward gets up to when he’s training for a fight:

- Pilates
- Treadmill run (30 second sprints with increasing speed)
- Jump rope
- Shadow boxing
- Heavy bag work


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